How do I get the Mobile App?
Visit this website with your mobile device (phone or mobile enabled tablet) and choose to download for Apple or Android device.

Download Here: 

android-app-on-google-play-01-logo-grey Apple-appstore

What devices will the App work on?
The App will work on 99% of smart devices with either the Android or Apple iOS operating systems and an inbuilt GPS. 

What does the App need to be functional?
Once installed you need to create an account through the App. Then ensure that your device's GPS is switched on so the App can locate you when you request emergency assistance.

Can I add family members or friends to my account?
Yes. You can add family and friends to your account at anytime, there is an 'Add Account' link in the App. Register their details and pass on the username and password you've selected so they can enter these once they have also installed the App. Please note that you will accept the CJ Security App Terms and Conditions on their behalf and all responsibility of their use and any fee's or charges.

What is Duress?
Duress is where a person is in immediate danger or potentially life threatening situation.
WARNING! Duress is treated as the highest level security threat. You will NOT be contacted by phone to confirm the request and the Police will be dispatched to your location immediately.

Can I be charged a fee for making a misleading or incorrect emergency request?
Subject to your locality (State), you may incur a fee or fine for misleading or incorrect emergency requests. We are obliged by law to release your contact details to relevant authorities should this occur.

Do emergency services charge a fee? 
Police are generally free of any charges to attend a legitimate emergency request. Fire and ambulance fee's are subject to your location as every State can differ.

What happens when I request assistance?
The CJ Security App will send a message to our Control Room with your contact details and current location. They will attempt to contact you by phone to confirm the request (unless Duress was selected), should they be unsuccessful in reaching you, the emergency service will be dispatched to your location as a duty of care.

Must I have mobile coverage?
Yes. The App cannot send your details without mobile coverage, however as it sends a simple Text (SMS) message minimal signal is required. Please check with your service provider for coverage. If you have an compatible Satellite Phone then we can assist you anywhere within Australia

When Can I start Using the App?
Once your payment has been confirmed within the App, please allow 24 hours for your Account to be Activated prior to use. You will receive an email confirmation when it is ready for use.